Thursday, March 12, 2009

DIY- Customize: Painting your car’s brake calipers

Here’s another DIY tip that’s sure to give flare to your car prior to (if you have the budget) maybe having a rim and tire change. Painting your brake calipers will not only add to your car’s overall looks but can also aid in delaying rust and deterioration from seeping in to the brake area.

A nicely painted brake caliper is surprisingly not expensive at all and you can even do it in the comforts of your own garage!

Prepare the following equipment: Car Jack, Wire brush, Cleaning solution, Tire iron, Can(s) of spray paint, Tape and Ratchet.

Follow these and begin your business:

1. Select your preferred spray paint color. Always take into consideration to buy only paints that are suitable for the type of metal used in your calipers. It is best to consult an expert as to the effectiveness of a paint selected and how much of it you will need to use.

2. Undo the lug nuts holding the tire until you can feel a semi-soft turn. You need to remove the tires in order to get access to the brake calipers.

3. Use the jack and slowly raise your car securely off the ground. If you have a jack lift use it to put your vehicle in a much more secure placement. Remember to exercise extreme caution when working under your car.

4. Unscrew the lug nuts all the way, and remove the tire from the axle.

5. Using the wire brush, carefully scour the areas in and around the brake caliper surface. Rub it with a rag and cleaning solution afterwards.

6. Find the bolts holding the caliper to its support. Use the ratchet and remove the bolts.

7. Set the brake caliper on the rotor.

8. Put newspapers and masking tape on the areas around the brake caliper. Make sure that the adhesive on the masking tape will not affect any areas to where it has been put.

9. Start painting the brake caliper. Allow time for the paint to dry (As recommended by the manufacturer) in between coats.

10. Re-attach the brake caliper to the support after the paint has dried, put everything back in place and lower your vehicle to its proper position.

Note: To avoid untoward serious repairs and stress to the brake line, always see to it to be extra careful when removing the brake calipers.

Safe Driving!

Jovir Amatong

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