Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Enjoy only the best car deals for less- Join the IBC Advantage New Zealand 6th October Uncomplied Auctions Now!

Here's one good news for used car dealers in New Zealand. Join the IBC Advantage NZ Uncomplied Auctions this 6th of October and bid on the best quality used cars from Japan- all fresh from the vessel!

The auction requires no Buyers Fee- what you bid is what you pay and all vehicles sold comes with a Repair Certificate for FREE! 

Attendees must have an RMVT# to register. This is a dealer only auction and not open to the public.

For more auction details and cars in showcase, click the image below. Should you have queries, please don't hesitate to email direct IBC Advantage NZ. Account Managers are standing by to assist you with your needs round the clock.