Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Improve gas mileage: Clean or replace your car’s air filter!

Do you know that your car's air filter play a vital role in the improvement of gas mileage and road performance? The air filter acts as the catalyst and makes sure that good clean air without impurities flows to and fro your engine.

Note: You can only clean a REUSABLE aftermarket performance filter. If you’re currently using a STOCK air filter, it is advisable for you to replace it with a new one. Cleaning and re-using it could wear it out of use.

To clean your air filter, follow these:

1. Remove the clamps and lift the air sensor from the air intake (on top of the engine.)

2. Remove the air filter.

3. Spray a specialized filter cleaner on both sides of the air filter.

4. Wait a few minutes and let the cleaning fluid saturate into the air filter.

5. Wash the air filter with cool water. If the air filter is dirty, spray and wash it again until the filter is noticeably clean.

6. Leave the filter to dry completely.

7. Spray filter oil on the front side of the air filter and leave it to soak for 20 minutes. Cover the filter with oil completely, so it will form a seal around the filter filaments.

8. Once the oil has seeped into the filter, place the filter back into it’s position in the air intake and reconnect the air sensor.

Cleaning your car’s air filter is a breeze. Do it frequently and you’ll notice the improvement with your ride!

Drive safely.

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